Vision for designing midlife

Vision for designing Midlife

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Do you have a vision for designing your midlife?

Is it living up to your expectations?

What did you expect your midlife to be like?

As you may recall in ‘my word for 2022‘ post my word this year is VISION.

Back in March I embraced my word for the year to help expand my VISION for the future Moving Forward with Vision- March 2022 #WOTY update

At that point, it meant planning and booking travel plans.  Those plans came to fruition through June and July.

I have just returned from five weeks of visiting family and friends and exploring parts of Italy and France.  It was a wonderful trip although it did come with a few stress points over Covid restrictions, flight cancellations and possible baggage delays.  Thankfully we negotiated all these obstacles with minimal disruption.

So what lessons did I learn from my WOTY VISION in June and July?

That we need to design midlife:

It is really important to design how we want our midlife (and life in general) to look and feel.  It’s very easy to go with the day to day flow of life and accept what life throws our way.  But this can lead to a lack of fun, joy and fulfillment.

By booking this trip back in March, when COVID regulations still seemed to be a major obstacle to travel, an opportunity to begin living life to the full became a reality.

I love travelling

This trip reminded me how much I love travelling after a break of three years.  I love the opportunities to learn and be curious about other cultures and lifestyles.

Travelling makes me feel truly free.  Somehow all the day to day anxieties and worries melt into the background.  Travelling opens new doors and windows in the mind to see and experience life differently.  To be honest, you don’t need to travel far.  Just a break from your normal routines is enough to help you see the world in a different way.

I love my family

Being with my family brings so much joy.  We had several occasions where the whole family were together again (including Grandma) which was amazing and joyful.  Again, in midlife, we may have to plan these occasions in advance to ensure they happen. 

Connection is important

Reuniting with friends who we haven’t seen for nearly three years bought so much joy and laughter.

I love food!

Especially when it’s been cooked by someone else.  I also love trying new foods.  Wait till you see what I was eating at our favourite hotel in Italy! (post to come soon).

Lemon dessert

I’ve become much quieter

I think the isolation and solitude of COVID has made me retreat into my shell a bit too much.  As a teenager I struggled with extreme shyness and had to work hard to overcome it.  I’m naturally a quiet person and find it quite draining interacting and chatting constantly.  I noticed whilst away that I struggled with making constant conversation.

My VISION for August

  • work on making more connection and conversation with people so I don’t become a total recluse!
  • Get back into my healthy eating habits and exercise.  Unfortunately indulging in Italian and French foods has had an impact on my waistline!
  • Plan more travel!

VISION for my blog

Let me know in the comments below:  

Do you feel like you are designing your Midlife?

Is midlife living up to your expectations?

What did you expect midlife to look life?  

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Vision for designing midlife

7 thoughts on “Vision for designing Midlife”

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  2. I agree with you re covid and the “shell”. I work from home so rarely see people other than my husband or those we say hello to on our morning walks. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my ability to socialise and my tolerance to crowds (which has never been great). Loved the pic of that lemon dessert and looking forward to reading more!

    1. I think we will all discover so many different ways that Covid has affected life. The lemon dessert was amazing! Thank you for your comments

  3. Hi Janine, I’m visiting form the 2022WOTY link party. I’m glad your trip to visit family and friends and explore France and Italy went well. Have a wonderful August!

    1. Hi Natalie
      Thanks for dropping by. We really did have a wonderful time. I’m making plans for August now – hope you have a great month too!

  4. Caught your post via the WOTY link-up and had to comment that YES, I totally believe in designing your life. I was a product designer in my career and always said “by design or default – it will happen”, so you better work on the design! I’ve applied my design skills to life (I blog about it, wrote a book about it). My current life vision statement is: “Active Body, Connected Heart, Creative Spirit, Contemplative Mind. ” I’m not an avid traveller – which was a hard thing to admit as so many of my friends are, but the negative tension I feel in travel overpowers the positive aspects. But I do plan activities (and down time) to bring my vision to life – daily, weekly, seasonally. And yes, it’s “living up to my expectations”. 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for taking time to read my post and sending such an inspiring comment. I love your saying ‘by design or default’ – that is so true! I can totally understand that some of the aspects of travelling may not suit everyone. It was certainly more stressful this time with lingering Covid restrictions and flight delays/cancellations. Exploring local areas and getting out in nature can definitely provide the same sense of learning and enlightenment. Finding what works best for each individual is where the designing midlife aspect comes in – we are all unique and need to find what works for us, instead of allowing the business of life to take over. I’ve just popped over to your website and think I shall be losing some time dipping into your great blcg posts! Thank you again

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