a vision for creativity

A Vision for Creativity

Do you have a vision for creativity?

Do you make time for creative activities?

Or has midlife busyness made your life dull and predictable ?

As you may recall in ‘my word for 2022‘ post my word this year is VISION.  

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The last couple of months I have been pondering how creative am I.   When I was a child, teenager and well into my twenties and thirties I was always creating something. 

I would spend hours as a kid making ‘houses’ for my Pippa doll (a smaller version on Barbie) out of junk.  I also loved sewing – making clothes for said doll and for my brother’s Action Man.  I was also drawing and painting, mainly cartoon characters.  I was always making dens in the garden and creating weird food concoctions from plants and flowers.  

As a teenager I got into fantasy art and would lose myself in otherworlds, drawing and painting Hobbit like creatures and characters. 

In my twenties I dabbled with watercolours, pen and ink drawings and also had a go at life drawing.  

In my thirties I really got into silk painting, making scarves and even had a little exhibition at our local library.

But then children came along and my attention went into getting them to do crafty projects, making up ideas for junk modelling, playdoh, water play, making dens etc.  

Loss of creativity

Now they are older.  I should have more free time to do my own stuff again.  But somehow I’ve lost my motivation and forgotten what it feels like to be creative.   I think this is part of the ‘midlife stuckness’ that many of us feel.  Through the years of parenting and working we have somehow lost who we are and what makes us glow and feel joyful.   We forget to make time to be creative. 

K L Toth quote

Over the last five years I have started trying to explore my creativity again – I started this blog and I love getting creative with food in the kitchen.

But I feel the need for more.

Maya Angelou quote

A few of the definitions of the word Vision are:

  • Thought, concept or object formed by imagination.
  • Act or power of imagination, discernment or foresight.
  • Manifestation to the senses.

I think all of these definitions can relate to creativity.  So, I’m thinking I definitely need to pursue a Vision for Creativity.  

For the rest of this year I’m going to research ideas for the types of creativity I want to pursue, with the focus on reclaiming my creativity in 2023.  Maybe my word for 2023 will be Creative?  

Send me your thoughts and comments – do you feel creative?  How are you creative? 


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vision for creativity

11 thoughts on “A Vision for Creativity”

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  2. This was a very interesting read and made me think about my creativity. I have had a creative approach to a lot of things I try. I can be creative in cooking and meals but that is almost wasted now as we are in our 70s and food for us needs to be simple. I will say though that without a creative outlet via my art (as I call it) I would have been more challenged mentally to recover from cancer. So, here’s the thing…we can’t muster up or think up creativity. It comes to us…when we allow it or provide the environment. I gave up the notion of creating for a product years ago, and now create for the purpose of ‘doing’ and then because it is so meditative, it becomes a ‘being’ thing too.

    I hope you allow yours to return in any way you wish.

    Take care, Denyse #WOTY linky

    1. Hi Denyse, I think you are totally right in that we have to allow creativity in and provide an environment for it. I feel the last 10 years I haven’t perhaps allowed it in by maintaining a ‘busy’ attitude to life. Your recovery from cancer has been amazing. You have certainly had to endure many obstacles and yet maintained your creativity. I have no excuses really!
      Thank you for joining in the discussion and commenting on my post. Take care x

  3. I love that you plan to research ideas for creativity. Sounds to me like your word Vision, is really working for you. I’m not at all creative, so I’m in awe of those who are. My blog is about as creative as I get. This is my first time visiting and I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for taking time to read my post. You are creative – you have your blog and maybe you just haven’t found any other creative outlets yet! I am feeling a snowball effect that this post will definitely head me off in the direction of trying as many different creative options as possible in 2023. We shall see! Thanks again for your comment

  4. Hi, Janine – Thank you for joining us for this linkup. I love your plan to research ideas for the types of creativity that you wish to pursue, with the focus on reclaiming your creativity. It sounds like you have already found your WOTY for 2023. I believe that is a great word to lead you in a direction that you would like to go.

    1. Hi Donna – I think I am going to enjoy challenging myself to be more creative. Maybe I should try a new creative technique for each month of 2023? I shall sit with the idea of my new WOTY of Creative and see if it feels right for next year. I didn’t originally choose vision – it just came through a mediation session so we shall see. Thank you for your comment and for inspiring me with your WOTY link up.

  5. Hi Janine, great to have you join us for the monthly linkup. I see blogging as a creative pursuit and often liken it to someone who paints or sews – but it just doesn’t seem that way to us at times does it? I like your examples of being creative and think it’s a great WOTY with lots of different directions you can take it in.

    1. I do really enjoy blogging, and whilst sometimes it is hard to get started with a post, once underway I get completely immersed in it. It’s definitely a creative outlet but I’m not sure I’m a natural writer. I found visual creativity easier. Maybe I just need to practice more! Thank you for your comments and support.

  6. This gave me pause for thought. Obviously I write, but over the years I’ve tried other arts on for size and enjoyed them, but as I got busier that dropped off. When we were on the cruise my friend & I did watercolour classes each day and it really brought back the need to play at creating without any other purpose than to create. It really has me thinking… Thanks for linking up.

    1. It does feel like the society has forgotten about being creative. If it is encouraged it’s on the basis of how can you make money out of it, but has you say, sometimes we need to just play! It’s so important for our mental health as well as a sense of wellbeing and achievement. Thank you for your kind comments and letting me join in the link party.

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