What should I eat?


Most of us are faced with this question every day – What should I eat?

We know we should be eating healthier choices but there is so much conflicting information in the media that it becomes impossible to know what to eat.  One day eggs are bad for us, the next day they’re the next super  food!

My ethos is all about BALANCE

Just eat a balanced diet:-

Lots and lots of vegetables and fruit, some protein with every meal and small portions of carbohydrates.

I really like the 80:20 diet.  Try to be healthy for 80% of the time but with a 20% allowance for treats and good times!.  You’re much more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if you don’t feel deprived.

Listen to your Body:-

When your stomach tells you it’s full, listen.  You don’t actually need to eat that pudding or another snack!

Remember how your body feels after you ate something unhealthy.  Most of us experience bloating, excessive wind, a lack of energy and sometimes nausea after eating unhealthy foods.  That moment of enjoyment is usually replaced by several hours of discomfort.  Remember that feeling and use it to help you make the right choices.

My most important Rule:-

AVOID processed foods, especially ones loaded with sugar or sweetners.  Sweetners are hard for the body to process and are not a healthy substitute for sugar.  I believe it’s much better to have the odd sugary treat than to be constantly consuming foods full of artificial sweetners.

Set yourself an intention to live your life HEALTHY AND HAPPY and work to achieve it.


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