My Menu Planner for this week


Hello everybody

This week has been a really manic week – school plays, social engagements, kids afterschool activities, a close relative in hospital.  All these factors have conspired to make a lot of late nights and juggling hard to keep balanced eating habits sustained. 

It’s at times like this that I find a menu planner for the week really helps.  I can come home and know exactly what I’m cooking, know I have all the ingredients and crack on.  I’m much less likely to fall into the trap of wasting time waiting for a takeaway and use that time instead to cook a healthy meal at home.

So, here’s this weeks menu planner.  I hope it helps to keep you sane this week!

  • Cumin and garlic salmon with a avocado, sweetcorn and red pepper salsa, potato wedges and salad
  • Sweet chilli and ginger pork stir fry with rice
  • Mexican chicken with rice and tortilla chips
  • Spicy Thai turkey burgers with salad
  • Satay Pork stir fry with turmeric rice
  • Homemade Lasagne

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Have a wonderful week.


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