Do you think you have a slow metabolism?

Well you might have, but it doesn’t need to be a permanent thing.  It’s most likely your body thinks it’s starving because you are eating the wrong foods!

Your body is a very clever machine that works hard to regulate itself.  If you eat lots of low nutrient foods or ‘beige foods’ such as chips, pies, processed foods, sugary foods and fried foods, your body gets confused.

It thinks “I’m not getting enough nutrients” and so believes it’s starving.  When the body is in starvation mode it slows your metabolism down to protect itself.

Low nutrient foods also cause your body to keep sending the “I’m hungry” signal to the brain, so it’s easy to just keep on eating more and more low nutrient calories and so the weight piles on.

How do you stop this cycle?

Easy – just eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken and small amounts of red meat and add in some movement.  Your  body will feel full for longer as it receives a big dose of nutrients and this sets all the internal systems working at full efficiency.  Your metabolism will begin to reset to a normal rate.

Does this make sense to you?  Let me know in the comments below.

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