My Menu Planner for this week



Here’s my menu plan for this week.  I hope it gives you some inspiration.

Top Tip:

Start including more garlic in your dishes.  It has lots of great health benefits such as:-

  • it reduces cholesterol production in the liver and prevents cells from taking up cholesterol
  • it improves blood flow through the small arteries by almost 50%.
  • Studies suggest eating 28.8g a week of garlic can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer by 1/3 and stomach cancer by a 1/2 compared to those only eating 3.5g.
  • garlic can help reduce the chance of catching a cold and reduce the duration of a cold.

My meals this week:-

  1. Stir fried pork and vegetables in black bean sauce with rice
  2. Cottage Pie
  3. Chicken korma curry and rice
  4. Spaghetti with prawns and tomato sauce
  5. Paprika pork steaks, potato wedges and green vegetables
  6. Roast Loin of pork with roast potatoes and vegetables

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