My Menu Planner for this week


Hello Everybody

As I type this the sun is out and I’m hoping for a BBQ tonight!  I hope you are experiencing the same weather.

Here’s my menu planner for this week.  I only have five meals for you as half the family were out during the week so the rest of us had an omelette night.   This means I have a meal left over from last week to use up.

I hope this gives you some inspiration:-

  • Buffalo chicken with potato salad and salad (this is a new recipe I’m trying – chicken marinated in tomato paste with peri peri spice, dipped in floor and then cooked in a frying pan – I’ll let you know if it works!)
  • Chicken and vegetable lasagne with side salad
  • Thai green curry and coconut chicken breasts with rice salad
  • Honey and ginger salmon parcels, new potatoes and steamed greens
  • Rigatoni Bolognaise

Hoping you all have a super week and get to enjoy some sunshine


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