6 Harsh Truths to achieve a healthy lifestyle

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There are no MAGIC pills, potions or shortcuts.  The only way your health and weight will change is by taking action yourself on a daily basis for the rest of your life – YEP – that’s a really harsh one, I know!


CHANGE – You will have to make changes in your life which will require work and effort.  You will probably meet resistance – both from your own mind and from those around you.  We all want to stay in our “comfort zone” but life doesn’t change unless we make changes. 


You have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.  Don’t blame the café/restaurant that tempts you with the supersize portions.  Take control of your portion sizes, your eating choices and how much you are moving your body.


It takes TIME!  Yes, you could undertake a drastic diet and lose weight in 2 weeks.  However these types of diet are usually unsustainable and you will end up regaining the weight you lost at a later date.


Don’t strive for PERFECTION.  No-one is perfect.  Set yourself  achievable, long-term goals.


MOTIVATION is over-rated! For most of us, feeling motivated is a fleeting emotion.  It’s very easy to slip back into our comfort zone as soon as we hit an obstacle.  That’s why you need to work on adopting new, daily HABITS to achieve your goals.  Habits are what you do every day without thinking about them – it’s this ACTION that will move you forward.


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